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The «Apiteks» company is glad to welcome you on our site!


The APITEKS manufacturing enterprise is focused on release of the wide range of textile and haberdashery products of technical appointment.

OOO APITEKS - the leading producer in Uzbekistan:

  • Textile tapes of different function, makes more than 100 names and 70% of a share of production of the market of textile tapes in Uzbekistan.
  • Filter fabrics from natural and synthetic fibers, 95% of a share of production of the market of fabrics in Uzbekistan.
  • Knitted products
  • Omental stuffings

The main advantage of production of the enterprise is its invariable and stable quality that allows to maintain the long-term relations with consumers.

OOO «APITEKS» has more than 500 constant consumers in the territory of Uzbekistan and the neighboring countries.


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